Wellgrove Olive Leaf Extract Process (in a nutshell)

Ever wondered how we create our amazing olive leaf extract at Wellgrove 
Our goal is to produce natural and sustainable products, and to do so in a way that is gentle and preserves as much of the natural goodness as possible.  To achieve this, we have developed a very unique and natural process to collect our leaf extracts.  Some parts are top secret, but we will let you know the main principles in this article.  

Every year (around April-June) we complete our annual olive harvest at the Cobram Estate® olive groves. We pick olives from our trees using special harvesting machines, and cold press the olives into fresh, delicious Extra Virgin Olive Oil within 6 hours of the fruit leaving the tree! At the same time, we happen to collect lots of olive leaves, and we don’t like to waste any of the olive goodnessSo, we use the finest of these leaves to create some other wonderful products, such as Wellgrove OLE and Stone & Grove olive leaf tea. (Check out more about our olive leaf tea brand here).  

We have over 2.5 million trees at our groves in North-west Victoria, spanning over 6,500 hectares of pristine Australian farmland.  And so we can also collect extra olive leaves throughout the year to top up the supply of our olive goodness products.  

Once we collect the olive leaves from the tree, we deliver them to our certified extraction facility and extract the goodness within 6 hours of them being picked. We use a special proprietary process to naturally extract the goodness from the leaves, using no harsh chemicals or alcohol-solvents.  By completing this process quickly, we ensure we can get all the fresh, natural antioxidants from the leaf, before the leaves start to dry and get old. This is why you may see our label says we use ‘fresh olive leaf’, and results in a broad-spectrum extract containing over 10 antioxidants. Some olive leaf extracts use dried leaves, which are usually older and not as fresh. You are best to stick with a fresh leaf product to maximise the antioxidant levels in the product.  

Our olive leaf extract is collected as a liquid which we can place in bottles for you to consume, or we can turn the liquid into a powder to create our olive leaf extract capsulesAnd with our liquid we have even added our special exclusive pop-up pourer (like on the Cobram Estate® bottles) to make it easy and less messy to pour your daily dose.  

One of the main benefits of our natural process is that we retain the olive leaf antioxidants into the olive leaf extract products, and we end up with a product that has very similar antioxidants to those found in the natural leaf.  

We pride ourselves on developing a high-quality olive leaf extract, and as you can see on our labels, we ‘standardise’ the product to the most prominent antioxidant in the leaf – oleuropein. This just means that we make sure each dose contains the same amount of oleuropein every time to provide you with all the benefits. Our specialist olive laboratory tests every single batch of our product to make sure it is rich in olive leaf antioxidants. The way you can test this for yourself is to taste our original flavour liquid products (available in Immune Support* and Heart Health strengths). The natural bitterness of the olive antioxidants is a testament to how rich the product is in olive goodness. If you can’t tolerate the bitter flavour however, try the flavoured options, storing the liquid products in the fridge, or one of our smoothie or bliss ball recipes. Otherwise, you could try the capsule products to avoid that bitterness altogether. 

Now that you know all about our process, check out the great range of olive leaf extract products that we have formulated for your health. We have a variety of strengths and formats, and we have even released a range of Throat products, for on-the-go olive goodness all year round. 

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use.  

*Traditionally used in Western Herbal medicine to help support immune health.