Fresh Leaves Vs Dry Leaves – Why it Matters

All leaves are dry, aren’t they? When referring to a supplement as using ‘dry’ or ‘fresh’ ingredients this can greatly alter he quality of the product. Make sure to check you Olive Leaf Extract bottle to see if it states weather fresh or dry leaves were used.  

Each manufacturer of herbal supplements will have a different technique when creating their supplements however you can be sure that at Wellgrove our Olive Leaf Extract products are made using only fresh leaves, created with care, without the use of chemicals.  

Wellgrove premium quality Olive Leaf Extract uses the fresh olive leaves sourced from Cobram Estate’s olive groves in north-west Victoria.  


Why do fresh leaves matter? 

At Wellgrove the fresh leaves are processed within 6 hours of being picked, resulting in an olive leaf extract that contains higher levels of antioxidants which work together to produce a wide variety of health and wellness benefits. By using only fresh leaves this ensures a product full of powerful antioxidants that is highly representative of the natural profile found in the olive leaf. 

The broad spectrum of antioxidant compounds found in Wellgrove Olive Leaf Extracts are not typically found in other extracts made from dry leaf. In fact, the powerful antioxidants found in Wellgrove Olive Leaf Extract are unique only to the olive leaf, therefore you will not find them anywhere else. 



Key features of Wellgrove Olive Leaf Extract 

  • Wellgrove Olive Leaf Extract is standardised to Oleuropein – an antioxidant with a considerable body of evidence to support the related health and wellness benefits. (Oleuropein is one of those unique antioxidants found only in the olive leaf). 
  • Wellgrove Olive Leaf Extract is a premium quality, naturally derived, fully traceable, Australian-grown product. This means that each bottle of Wellgrove Olive leaf Extract can be traced back to the trees at Cobram Estate Olive Grove.  
  • Our liquid products have a unique taste profile, to support product compliance. And all Wellgrove products undergo rigorous testing to ensure we offer high potency products. 


Wellgrove can be consumed in smoothies and added to your favourite baked goods – see recipes